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Insurance Directory

Insurance is vitally important these days for people wanting a little peace of mind in protection of their car, property, income or even their life. Explained here are a range of insurance types, with many more available.

Car Insurance – this type of insurance is compulsory in the United Kingdom and a legal requirement if you want to drive. Factors influencing the size of your premium include the area you live in, if you have penalty points on your record, and the type of car you are driving. These factors all mount up to the type of risk your offer. If you are more likely to crash, damage your car, then the high premiums you will pay for coverage.

Travel Insurance – if travelling abroad you may come up against such problems as injury or ill health. Some countries will not foot the bill for your medical treatments (unlike the National Health Service in the UK) and so bills can mount up. These can often be quite considerable and can leave some afflicted people in debt. Travel insurance can provide coverage against such situations.

Health Insurance – if you would rather avoid the waiting lists of the National Health Service in the UK and take private treatment this can cover the expenses incurred.

Life Insurance - should you die, life insurance coverage will leave a sum of money to your loved ones. This can be used to provide financial stability and assistance for those left behind when the policy holder dies.

Pet Insurance – bills for medical procedures on pets can run very high. Pet insurance provides coverage for payment of medical procedures should this be necessary for your pet.

Income Insurance – if you have a mortgage for example, repayments can become difficult, if not impossible should the borrower loose their job. By having income insurance this can cover repayments whilst the policy holder is out of work.

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This category covers them all buildings & contents, mortgage protection, life, car, travel or even pet. Compare quotes online.

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